Who We Are

Mozaik Solutions provides strategic and technical consulting services in emergency/crisis management, business continuity, and organizational development to government agencies, international organizations, nonprofits, and businesses worldwide.

Drawing from 20 years of diverse experience working in disaster and crisis areas we understand that sometimes how it 'really’ works is not how it should work and we help our clients in bridging that gap.

Our mission is to exceed client expectations every time by providing outstanding quality, unmatched value, and maximum return on investment.

We continuously look for ways to improve our client's experience and the value they receive from our efforts. This motivation naturally leads us to look for innovation, not just in delivery, but also in process and project management. We do not offer “off the shelf” assessments, reports, plans, trainings, or exercises. For each client, for each project, we focus on identifying meaningful needs and objectives, and use these to drive and tailor our processes; including looking for novel ways to add value and provide support.

*Mozaik Solutions is certified by the U.S. Small Business Administration as a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) and a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), by the State of California as a Certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE), and by the California Unified Certified Program (CUCP)/Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) as a Minority/Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (M/DBE).

Core Capabilities

Emergency/Crisis Management

There are two primary fundamental principles that we ascribe to, and we believe also have utility across all our service offerings - We have found them to hold true whether you are fighting for your life on the frontlines of a battlefield or negotiating a contract in a traditional boardroom. These principles are:

  • Evidence suggests that for every $1 spent on mitigation (prevention) and preparedness activities $4-10 is saved during response and recovery.
  • Crisis response literature shows that people do not “rise to the occasion” when under pressure, but rather will “sink to the lowest level oftheir training”

Business Continuity

Business continuity is a proactive process whereby interruption of mission critical functions, processes and services are minimized or mitigated altogether. It seeks to minimize disruptions, limit financial losses, maintain customer confidence, and where required, meet industry/governmental regulations and compliance orders. You cannot prepare for every possible scenario or disruption, but the more careful the planning, the more extensive the training, the more an organization can react to unexpected events. There are a few common components of a BCP, for which the development process can be tailored to meet the individual needs of each organization, such as: Risk/Threat Assessment, Business Impact/Process Analysis (BIA/BPA), Recovery Strategy Selection, BCP Development, Test, Training, Exercises (TTE) and Maintenance.

Strategic Planning and Organizational Development (OD)

Successful implementation of a project or large-scale organizational growth or change requires an understanding of how organizations, teams and individuals function. Our team includes masters and doctoral-level organizational development leaders and doers. We offer ‘off the shelf’ or highly customized services in this area to include individual and group coaching, assessments, trainings, restructuring/transitioning, team building, diversity, process improvement, and leadership development. We also teach and apply neuroscientific and neuroleadership advances to reduce burn-out and stress, and optimize and sustain individual and organizational performance.


Leverage the power of Creativity for individual and organizational benefits. Simple tools and tactics that take seconds and minutes, can yield big results. Our brains are hardwired for novelty. Applying creativity to everyday work life can be effective at reducing cortisol levels and improving overall health and resilience.

An exercise we have had a lot of success with is a group activity* using Legos®, which can be easily accomplished with only a few Legos/bricks and a timer. First, challenge participants to individually create an object (duck, rocket, house) in under 60 seconds. Second, form small groups/teams of up to 4 people, and have each team create as many ducks as possible with the handful of combined bricks they have in under 90 seconds.

After conducting the individual (60 second and team (90 second) challenges, take a couple of minutes to debrief and discuss what you just did.

You can ask:

  • What did you create? How would you describe it? What ideas did it generate?
  • What was this experience like for you?
  • What could you have created with more or less time?
  • Any difference(s) between the individual and group challenges? Which did you prefer?

Note: We’ve done this both in person and virtually with success! #IAEMStrong #CrisisAthlete

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