Who We Are

Mozaik Solutions professionals provide strategic and technical consulting services in emergency/crisis management, telemedicine/tele-health education, and organizational development to government agencies, international organizations, nonprofits, and businesses worldwide. Drawing from 18 years of diverse experience working in the disaster and crisis areas we understand that sometimes how it ‘really’ works is not how it should work and we help our clients in bridging that gap.

From our headquarters in San Diego, CA, we develop teams of specialists customized to specific challenges. the result is reduced redundancy, maximum cost-effectiveness and demonstrated success in projects of varying scope and scale.

Mozaik Solutions is certified as an Economically Disadvantaged Woman-Owned Small Business (EDWOSB)

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Our Values


We have built a reputation for outstanding quality, value, and innovation by seeking to exceed customer expectations every time. We take pride in our work, the way we approach our work and the products we deliver. We approach each project individually and holistically rather than a template to fill. We demand excellence in ourselves; and in every engagement look for ways to improve our effectiveness and efficiency.

Honesty and Integrity

What you see is what you get. We strive to be straightforward in all our dealings and there is never a hidden agenda. We hold ourselves and the partners we work with to the highest possible ethical standards.

Active Listening

We seek to truly understand the challenges and issues our clients are facing, and we know how to drive to the ‘root cause’ of an issue in order to determine real need. This allows us to apply the most relevant cost-effective solution possible. Having worked and traveled on six continents we also always seek to understand the individuals and organizations we work with and their cultural norm and sensitivities – we know that just because something works for one company in one location may not work somewhere else.


We understand ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking, but we also know that sometimes you don’t even have a box to think in-and we believe that it is in this sphere where true ingenuity and sustainability lie. We pride ourselves on understanding new and emerging technologies, but we also understand that sometimes a low or non-technical solution is the better approach.

Giving Back

This is a core Mozaik value and integral to who we are. We believe that access, empowerment and opportunity are drivers to ending poverty. Food, water, medicine, and education are basic rights. Because of this we champion and support projects and individuals that embody these attributes be it in our backyard or a remote part of the globe.

Our mission is to exceed client expectations every time by providing outstanding quality, unmatched value and maximum return on investment.

Emergency/Disaster Management

These are our roots and the foundation we have built from. Our experience gained across the entire crisis and threat spectrum from preparedness to recovery to intelligence gathering to business continuity planning for the past 18 years has driven us to work and think differently in all our consulting engagements. Disasters and crises generally mean scarcity of resources and complex, novel problems, which means being resourceful, building partnerships, new uses for old products and all-around game changing ingenuity. That said we also understand and rely on proven, effective systems that work such as the Incident Command System and we provide realistic planning, training, and exercise services to help individuals and organizations mitigate prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters and emergencies.

There are two primary fundamental principles that we ascribe to, and we believe also have utility across all our service offerings-We have found them to hold true whether you are fighting for your life on the frontlines of a battlefield or negotiating a contract in a traditional boardroom. These principles are:

  • Evidence suggests that for every $1 spent on mitigation (prevention) and preparedness activities $4-10 is saved during response and recovery.1.2.
  • Crisis response literature shows that people do not “rise to the occasion” when under pressure, but rather will “sink to the lowest level oftheir training”

1 Anderson MB, Which costs more: prevention or recovery?’ in Kreimer A, Munasinghe M, eds, Managing Natural Disasters and the Environment. Washington DC: The World Bank, 1991, pp. 17-27; Vordzorgbe, Seth Doe. Making the Case for Disaster Risk Reduction. United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (2006).

2 While these statistics have primarily been applied to natural disasters and hwnanitarian crises, additional studies have achieved similar results for such areas as industrial safety and health; showing broad applicability that preparedness efforts save lives and fonds.

Telemedicine/Tele-health Education

Access to health information and medical providers is essential and by leveraging technology in this rapidly expanding field, global access to healthcare is possible from wartime evacuations and trauma care in real-time to maximizing physician time by using optimized clinical workflows. In all our work we are ‘product agnostic’ -we look for the solutions and vendors that make the most sense for our clients. We also embrace a ‘whole system’ mentality and believe in a thoughtfully designed system -too often we have seen opportunism lead to unnecessary or unused equipment and all around waste. Ongoing training of personnel is also essential for successful adoption of telemedicine concepts and tools.

Strategic Planning and Organizational Development (OD)

Successful implementation of a project or large-scale organizational growth or change requires an understanding of how organizations, teams and individuals function. Our team includes masters and doctoral-level thought leaders and doers in OD and OD training. We can offer ‘off the shelf’ or highly customized services in this area to include restructuring/transitioning, human resources, growth or downsizing management, team building, process improvement, and leadership development. By including this as a core capability and offering for our clients we ensure that we are able to help integrate and implement a culture of effective readiness across the entire organization.

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